Accounting is a popular professional field that holds immense responsibilities. As a practicing accounting consultant, you should be able to prepare, reconcile, analyze, interpret, store and communicate the implications of various financial statements to businesses.

To fulfill these immense responsibilities, most licensing authorities require accounting consultants to possess a minimum of a university degree in an accounting-related field. Mr. Jack Bell is a graduate of Nova University with a Master’s degree in accounting.

We serve the Miami Dade, Broward, Monroe & Palm Beach  markets with a wide array of consulting services. Our Firm’s philosophy includes taking on challenging assignments, which in turn helps our clients grow.

We accomplish this by providing more partner involvement on your account; Along with recruiting, training and retaining the best staff, so you have access to implement sound strategy and the latest business planning ideas.

Management of financial data involves collecting, analyzing and storing financial data. As an accounting consultant, you should work closely with your clients to identify sources of financial data and establish the best way to gather and process the data.

Your ability to process financial data and store it in a pristine format will enable your clients to meet their financial obligations. In addition, you will be required to help your clients develop, implement and maintain financial control procedures.

As a practicing accounting consultant, you are required to offer accurate and relevant financial advice to your clients. Because, in most instances, accounting consultants operate independently, you should provide specialized financial advice to your clients to make it less likely for them to hire full-time accountants.

For example, specialization in a sensitive yet non-core accounting area such as forensic auditing will likely bring more clients. As a forensic auditing consultant, you will be required to offer advice on the legal implications of various accounting situations.

Our Directors and senior staff are ready to work through your complex business issues to deliver results with your management team. We also have alliances to help you grow throughout the U.S. and Internationally.

If you’re missing the benefits of a profiting relationship with your key business advisor, Contact us. Don’t leave your company’s future to chance. Bell Accounting…. consultants help you find the right direction for your organization — and keep you on track.

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Organizations with a lean accounting workforce rely on accounting consultants to develop modern accounting systems. To develop a modern accounting system, you should firstly analyze the client’s business model and industry structure and anticipate future changes in accounting practices

You should then convert the findings into a project, develop the system, test it, fix any loopholes and hand it over to the client upon completion. Since accounting systems are progressive, you should closely monitor the system until it is retired.

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